Grandchildren keep Grandparents healthier than ever!

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Grandchildren keep Grandparents healthier than ever!

By Nigel G. Worrall

Life today for grandparents is very different to how it used to be just a 100 years ago. So many things have changed and communication skills have made life so much easier to stay in touch.

Life expectancy is also much longer. Thanks to advances in health and safety, women have added about 25 years to their life expectancy over the last century. In 1914, the average life expectancy for a woman was 56.8 years, today it is 81. For a man, it’s a similar story, in 1914 a man could expect to live to the age of 52 while today that expectancy is 76 years of age.

The United States has some 76 million grandparents at the current time and the roles they play in their grand-children’s lives is very different to how their grandparents would have interacted with them.  The increased life expectancy is a major factor in grandparents spending more time than ever with their own children and their grandchildren.

Further, roles have changed. In the past it was seen as the man’s responsibility to put food on the table while the woman took care of the home and the family.

Today “Boomer” women, who came of age during the feminist movement, have tended to shrug off traditional roles and opted to do it all. Balancing jobs, hobbies and effectively becoming supermom in roles that would have exhausted their own mothers.

Not for them the thought of taking it easy. Today’s Grandparents feel younger, healthier and more active than in the past. They love being involved in their grand-children’s lives as they want to be involved, to share things and experiences, have discussions and connect in a way that previous generations could not.


Families today are frequently scattered all over the country or indeed, all over the world. Staying involved in their grand children’s lives is a priority like no other time before. In the past, some families were lucky to see each other twice a year, not so today. Grandparents are determined to stay involved.

Today’s grandparents wear a dizzying number of hats, but ultimately they are determined to give their grandchildren their stories and unconditional love. Compensation for growing older is to watch grandchildren grow up. Caring more about the earth, air and water not to mention the legacy they’re going to leave their grandchildren.

That’s why family vacations play an important role and grandparents are spending more money than ever before on their grandchildren. Some $57 Billion a year in fact!

Travel is very important to grandparents and that is why frequent family vacations are top of the list for opportunities to be together, to learn together and to have fun together. Orlando is top of the list for grandparents for obvious reasons. Apart from the fun times at the world famous theme parks, families love getting together at their own private vacation rental. Renting a vacation home just moments from Walt Disney World, SeaWorld or Universal Orlando is a great way to bond and to share some great experiences together in a cozy environment.

Families love dining together, watching movies, playing games or simply splashing about in their own private heated swimming pool. They also love being just moments from the attractions, restaurants and shops but they love their own home from home retreat away from all the noise and commotion of a hotel or resort.

For over twenty years Florida Leisure Vacation Homes has been providing happy memories for thousands of families and we’d love to be able to do the same for you and your family. All you have to do when planning your next Orlando vacation is call us on 1-800-760-1114 and we’ll take care of the rest! Alternatively, you can simply book your trip by viewing the homes we have available for your dates on our web site and booking online. It’s easy!




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