National Hate Florida Day

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Hate Florida Day

We had to smile when we saw the weather forecast today and then someone posted the above graphic to Facebook.

We  know some folks like the cold, the rain, the snow and generally feeling miserable so they can have a good moan but seriously, why not take a weekend break and get away from all that and enjoy some fun in warmer weather?

We have so much to do in Florida and it doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the theme parks or the beaches all the time. Florida is about far more than that.

Why not bring your pets and enjoy a stroll along one of our beautiful lakes, or enjoy dining out in November for lunch or dinner?

Orlando is also the home to some spectacular shopping as well as some fabulous restaurants. The Mall of Millennia, Florida Mall and Orlando Premium Outlets covers the urge to splash the cash while some truly wonderful restaurants can be found in quaint places like Winter Park or Dr. Philips.

Another attraction of visiting the Orlando area is the ability to stretch your money further. Traditionally, winter is when the best value seasonal rates are on offer. You can keep your wallet warm with rock-bottom rates from early January through mid-February and you’ll also enjoy the quieter side of Orlando as fewer visitors are in town.

If sport’s your thing then you’ll enjoy some great golf as the Central Florida area has over 100 of the finest courses to test your skills, while tennis buffs can enjoy the run of the areas excellent court facilities. We also have professional sport with the Orlando Magic basketball and Orlando City Soccer as well as a brand new Performing Arts Center with some terrific shows that will take your breathe away.


While it’s snowing and cold back home why not rent your own home in the Sunshine State? It’s not expensive and you can enjoy a refreshing swim in your own private pool as well as relaxing poolside with a good book and some sunshine beating down on you. can help you out with that one…click the link and check it out!


So, if you have the winter blues plan a trip to Orlando and leave the ice, snow, and cold weather behind. Central Florida is a great place to spend the winter…there are fewer tourists, long days of sunshine and plenty of things to see and do.

There’s really no reason to hate Florida… you can enjoy it too!


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