Why Choose Florida Leisure Vacation Homes?

Vacation Homes Shoot - 22May2013 (Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

Who are Florida Leisure Vacation Homes and what do you do?

To answer the second part of the question first; we give people great vacations…instead of staying in a hotel when guests visit Orlando, Disney World, Sea World and Universal, we offer guests a great way to save money and to have a much better vacation.

Florida Leisure Vacation Homes provides 3 to 7 bedroom vacation homes that allow guests to have an experience that is just like being “home away from home” when on vacation. The homes each have a fully equipped kitchen as well as a comfortable lounge or living area. Some homes even having two or three such areas!

The homes also have completely separate bedrooms and each has a television so adults and kids can watch their own programs without fighting over the TV set. There’s even a laundry with a washing machine and a dryer so you can wash clothes rather than bring along mountains of unnecessary clothes on vacation. If you’re flying to Orlando, this can save you quite a lot of money by leaving unnecessary clothing behind.

Also, some of our vacation homes have a games room which can have a pool table, table tennis (ping pong), air hockey and fuss ball. That means all members of the family can come together to have some fun and that creates memories for a lifetime.

Best of all though, our guests really love the private heated swimming pool that is included with each and every home in our inventory. It’s just so much better than having to share a pool with lots of other people and offers a more intimate vacation experience. The pool is also just a few steps away from the vacation home’s living area and that makes it much much better than having to trek down long hotel corridors to find it!

In some homes we have Jacuzzi’s or hot tub’s and there’s really nothing better at the end of a long day trekking around a theme park than coming home and climbing into the warm hot tub to relax with a nice beverage.

How long have you been in business?

Florida Leisure is proud to be one of the founding vacation rental home companies in the Central Florida area having been formed in 1993.

What makes your company special?

We offer a completely unique vacation experience. Most people when they go away on vacation stay in a hotel but that’s only because they don’t know about the alternative…vacation rental homes.

Vacation rental homes are only just being discovered…and people who have discovered them tell us all the time that they don’t want to stay in a hotel ever again! When you then consider that it is possible to rent a whole house, from 1500 sq ft up to 4000 sq ft, for less than you would pay in a 4 or 5 star resort then it becomes something of a no brainer.

Florida Leisure Vacation Homes also has a concierge service where we tailor make the perfect vacation for everyone. If you would like to take a look behind the scenes at Walt Disney World or have lunch with an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center, we can organize all this and much more for you.

We aren’t just a vacation home rental company or an alternative to a hotel, we are so much more than that. We create extraordinary vacations and we take great pride in delivering a services that others can’t emulate.

For example, FloridaLeisure.com informs visitors and guests to our area of local events, places to go and hints and tips on how to create a memorable vacation. This resource has become one of the leading sources of such information on the internet.

Vacation Homes Shoot - 22May2013 (Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

What is provided in a Florida Leisure vacation home?

Each room of one of our vacation homes is fully furnished for your comfort. Every convenience has been provided, including kitchen cookware and bake ware; plenty of dishware, glassware, and silverware for the maximum number of people that can be booked into a home; sufficient high quality linens for your stay, more than enough hangars in every closet; even a clock radio, if you should choose to keep track of time. There really isn’t much that you need to bring with you when you stay in a vacation home other than a T shirt and a pair of shorts!

I’m almost convinced… but tell me more about why I should stay in a vacation rental home rather than a hotel…

We like to look at a vacation rental home as the hotel alternative.

You’ve finally saved up the money to take that dream family vacation – the one you hope you and your kids will remember for a lifetime. You’ve chosen a destination and researched all the activities in the area. You’ve asked the boss for the time off. Now all you need is a place to stay.

This leads to the usual “accommodation dilemma” families face – unless you just won the lottery and have unlimited funds to spend on your trip. Do you crowd the entire clan into a single hotel or motel room for a week or two, giving up any personal space or privacy and the relaxation that comes with your hard-earned vacation time? Or do you double your costs by putting the kids in a separate room so you can get some peace and quiet? That is, if the adjoining rooms you requested when you made your reservation are actually available.

Believe it or not, there is a way to have your privacy and afford it too. Instead of a hotel or motel, book your stay at a vacation rental home.

Vacation Homes Shoot - 22May2013 (Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

Vacation rental homes – private homes rented for vacation accommodation – are the hottest new travel trend in America. The homes are primarily located in upscale neighborhoods near popular tourist destinations, and range from clean and comfortable to decadent and luxurious. Even the simplest home is professionally cleaned and prepared to comfortably accommodate guests. It’s bound to have a private bedroom for parents, a separate sleeping area – and possibly more than one – for children or other guests, a full kitchen with dishes and cooking utensils, a deck or yard, at least one bathroom, a living room with a television, and more – far more than you’d ever find in a typical motel or hotel room. And all for about the same price.

When it comes to extras, vacation homes offer the gamut – from game rooms to swimming pools, from spa tubs to plasma TV’s to high speed internet access. There’s something available for every budget and every taste and style – from families on a budget to discerning travelers who demand the very best.

Compare that to a hotel room, where you get a bed (or two), a chest of drawers with a TV in it, maybe a small table and a couple of chairs, and a bathroom. If you want to eat, you have to go to a restaurant. If you don’t feel like going out, there’s a small selection of overpriced snacks and drinks in the mini bar. If you’re hungry for something more elaborate, you’ll have to call room service – and that means a 20 minute wait (at least!), an extra charge just for bringing already expensive hotel food, and of course you’re limited to what’s on the menu. If you want to lay by the pool, you have to compete with all the other guests for a lounge and towels – and then share the water with a bunch of strangers. You may even have to pay to park your car. And if you want privacy and time away from your kids, you have to pay for another room!

When you compare vacation homes with typical hotel and motel rooms, there really is no comparison. If you’re looking for a vacation that offers true privacy, comfort and relaxation for your entire family, don’t settle for another overpriced, overcrowded hotel. Book your stay at a vacation rental home – you may never want to leave.

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